Michael Jackson's Personal Costume Designers & Dressers

We all loved to see Michael wearing those funky and unique outfits in his music videos and during live concerts. But not many people know the creators of those iconic looks. Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins are those two costume designers who worked with MJ for more than 25 years.

From his white fedora to his world-famous “lean shoes,” this designer duo played a crucial role in creating and maintaining Michael’s larger-than-life image. Hundreds of masterpieces are created by these immensely talented fashion designers, and our team tries its best to replicate all those classics to spread joy among MJ fans.

Pay Homage To The King Of Pop With Our Michael Jackson Outfits For Sale

We all have our favorite idols whom we look up to in different aspects of our life. Michael Jackson is a legend who inspired a whole generation not just with his music and killer dance moves but also with his unique dressing sense.

Since we are true MJ fans, our goal is to create a marketplace for all the Michael Jackson lovers out there looking to add the MJ charm to their daily fashion life. We have successfully stacked up an amazing inventory of top-quality Michael Jackson costumes and outfits that you cannot resist ordering at first sight. Every apparel is made with the finest quality fabric to ensure you have the most comfortable experience while wearing our unofficial MJ outfits.
We strive for customer satisfaction and offer premium products at cheap rates. There is no other clothing store where you can buy Michael Jackson jackets at such affordable prices. You can order your favorite MJ costume through our website, and within no time, the parcel will be at your doorstep. We take pride in our quick delivery and dedicated customer support that is always ready to resolve all your concerns.

Whether you are picking your Halloween costumes or outfit for the fancy dress competition, our MJ leather outfits are the perfect choice for anyone who truly adores him. We have successfully grown our customer base from USA to UK, Germany, and Italy and now planning to cover the rest of Europe.


Michael Jackson Jam Satin Jacket


Being MJ fans, we all dreamt of visiting his concert at least once in our life. Jam is a famous song from his most famous album, Dangerous. The Jam Satin Jacket was an essential part of his attire whenever he performed Jam. This glimmering and sparkling jacket is made from satin and will give you a superb look whenever you wear it. The jacket is available at an extremely cheap price and comes with a gauntlet and a belt. It has a stand collar and an asymmetrical zipping closure.

The Iconic Look From The Dangerous Tour


Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour was considered one of his best performances, and without any doubt, his costume from that tour impressed a lot of fashion enthusiasts. Michael Jackson Outfits brings you the same costume at a fairly reasonable price. The colorful jacket radiates your personality with charm and charisma. The high-quality costume is made with lightweight fabric and ensures maximum comfort. The classic armband and the golden cartridge are also available with the costume.

Michael Jackson's Beat It Costume

Get ready to enjoy the trip back to your childhood with this classic Michael Jackson Beat It jacket. The mesh jacket has been in trend for years and still can be used to make a bold fashion statement. The jacket is made with premium-quality faux leather and has a zipper closure. You can pair it with any of your favorite outfits, and it will always increase the charm of your personality. Beat It jacket is available in different sizes and is a good option for people searching for Michael Jackson kid’s outfits.

Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit

No one can beat the swag of Michael Joseph Jackson’s outfit that he wore in his music video named “Thriller.” This jacket really needs no introduction. It has always been a hot-selling product and is considered one of the best Halloween outfits by most MJ fans. Michael Jackson Outfits presents the closest replica of this red jacket with black stripes at a price that you won’t believe. It has a stand-up collar and a buttoned-down closure. This top-quality jacket is definitely a treat to the eyes and can easily make you the center of attention at any event.

Michael Jackson BAD Outfit

This Michael Jackson black outfit contains a stylish jacket that gives strong Bad Boy vibes. MJ wore this costume while performing his best-selling album named “Bad.” This is the best option for anyone who wants to portray this iconic character of his favorite pop star. The jacket is pretty lightweight and has a zipper in the front. The collars, shoulders, and sleeves are decorated with black straps that have silver buckles. Silver zippers are attached to the chest, left sleeve, and bottom half of the front.

MJ's Legendary Billie Jean Costume

Billie Jean is undoubtedly Michael Jackson’s most popular song, and his outfit from that video inspired a lot of people. Big music stars like Chris Brown and Bruno Mars tried to copy this costume to impress their fans. The black sequin jacket has a white armband, and the front is open. You cannot find this cheap and authentic version of the Billie Jean jacket anywhere else. We have an extensive inventory, and you can buy all Michael Jackson outfits from our store. Our craftsmen have stitched this jacket with complete care and attention.

MJ's Signature Costume From Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal was released in 1988 and became a hit within no time. The music was great, but Michael Jackson’s white tuxedo became quite famous after the music video was launched. This outfit contains a blue shirt that he wore inside the tuxedo, a white fedora hat, and a white satin tie. The elegant combination of white and royal blue color will surely give you the best compliments. Michael Jackson Outfits offers everything that you need to portray this iconic character at the most reasonable and cheap rates.

Jam Jacket With Armour & Belts

This Jam Jacket is the rarest MJ look from the Dangerous tour. The black and golden combination is a killer one, and no one nailed this combo better than the man himself. A superior-quality wool blend material is used in its making to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. There is a golden band on one sleeve and red piping on the other. The belted hemline and golden band on the front complete the official and authentic Michael Jackson look. The zipper closure is there to make sure that it fits perfectly, and a buckled erect collar with shoulder epaulets can easily uplift your whole personality.

Golden Costume From History World Tour

Try this classic golden bomber jacket to attract the most eyes at any event. This golden costume is one of the most famous outfits of Michael Jackson from his History World Tour. This tour has a special place in the hearts of MJ fans because it was his last worldwide solo concert tour. The jacket is made with satin fabric, and the unique blend of golden and silver colors gives it a spectacular look. Pair it with matching golden gloves and pants to complete the iconic costume.

MJ's Outfit From Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael wore an all-red suit that perfectly justifies the name of the song. This fantastic song was launched in 1997, but he impressed the audience with this suited look at multiple concerts. This is just one of the classics that we have for MJ lovers. The precise stitching and meticulous finishing give you the exact same look as Michael Jackson in the song. Our craftsmen pay close attention to all the minor details of the outfit while crafting the costume. Embrace the swag of Michael Jackson with our Blood On The Dance Floor outfit.

I Wanna Rock With You Costume

Are you a Michael Jackson fan who wants to recreate his outfits while standing out from the rest? We recommend you try the costume from his song I Wanna Rock With You. Bill Whitten designed this legendary outfit. MJ wore it on stage during his Destiny Tour in 1979. This two-piece suit will sparkle all the eyes with your charm. The sequin exterior and silver coloring add an extra flair to the costume. Black spandex pants have striped rhinestones and a zip front closure. This is a rare piece that you might find a bit costly at other places, but we care for our customers and maintain cheap rates that everyone can afford.

MJ's Simple & Stylish Black Suit

If we talk about the most groovy Michael Jackson songs, then Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough will surely be one of his all-time great. The classic track is still very popular, and people often try copying his look from the song. MJ wore a typical black suit for this song with a white inner and a black bow tie to go with it. We have everything that you need to recreate this look. The top-notch quality of our outfits Michael costumes is hard to find at any other clothing store.

MJ's Costume From The History Song

The look adopted by Michael Jackson for the History song truly justified his persona and larger-than-life personality. It was pretty obvious that Michael loved the military look and tried several jackets that made him look like a commander. This iconic two-piece cotton suit has a belt, and you can nail the classic MJ look by pairing it with his white gloves and knee-high boots. The best thing about our products is that they will give you the exact same vibe and can easily satisfy your inner Michael Jackson fan.

MJ's Grey Satin Jacket From Bad Tour

All those Michael Jackson fans who dream of owning his style can grab this amazing jacket from our store at a highly affordable price. The grey jacket has a satin exterior and contains a delicate viscose lining from the inside. Several black straps are attached to the sleeves and the shoulder of the jacket that make it more appealing. Collar has a turn-down style and contains open hem cuffs. In the front, it has a zipper-style closure. All in all, it is an MJ classic that every fan should have in their closet.

Punk Costume From The Bad Tour

Another classic MJ military jacket from his famous tour ‘Bad.’ This specific jacket added a bolder touch to the persona of Michael Jackson. This costume is perfect for all kinds of occasions and can be worn by people of all ages. This Punk Costume contains a medallion jacket and biker-style pants. We use wool blend material of the finest quality for this jacket. The shoulder epaulets and punk badges scheming at the front can make you look more cool and dapper. Buy this Michael Jackson jacket right now to rock the next party with a stylish look.

MJ's Jacket From His 30th Anniversary Concert

Michael Jackson celebrated his 30th anniversary in New York’s Madison Square Garden. This was the most expensive Michael Jackson concert, and still, the show was sold out within a couple of hours. Michael’s costume at this concert was based on a stylish jacket with an elegant white and golden color combination. The jacket is made of pure white leather. It has golden patches and a zipper-style closure at the front. This costume might look a bit unorthodox, but it has the same MJ robotic feels.

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