Terms And Conditions

Michael Jackson Outfits designed this website for commercial purposes only. The website is open for everyone to visit and browse. However, the site usage is governed by some terms. This Terms and Condition document works like a legal binding between our clients and us that notifies some rules that every user must follow.

Customers are advised to read these conditions thoroughly before performing any action on the website. This document will give the customers a better understanding of their rights regarding site acces and usage. In case of any reservation, we would request you to stop browsing our site.

Intellectual Property Rights

Michael Jackson Outfits owns the intellectual property rights of this website along with all the information and content available on it. No part of the site can be copied or recreated, and no content can be reproduced or republished without our consent. Using our content with our acknowledgment will be considered an illegal act allowing us to handle the matter as per infringement law.

Orders & Payments

When a customer completes an order by submitting all the necessary details, it indicates that they have provided the correct information and have agreed to the final payment shown at the time of check out. Michael Jackson Outfits won’t be responsible for any discrepancies caused related to the final payment or order details.

Future Amendments

These Terms and Conditions will be applicable to all the users until you or we terminate the contract. We are not obliged to inform you before making any changes to this document. Michael Jackson Outfits reserves the right to terminate your account if we notice any violation of rights.

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